Court Opinions A-L

-- A --

A.A. Allen Revivals, Inc. v. Commissioner: January 1991

ABA Retirement Funds v. United States: July 2013

AHW Corporation v. Commissioner: April 1984

Abdel-Fattah v. Commissioner: December 2011

Abortion Rights Mobilization v. Regan: November 1989, August 1988, February 1988, July 1987, October 1986, August 1986, July 1985

Abortion Rights Mobilization, Inc. v. United States Catholic Conference: June 1990

Ackerman Foundation, The Martin S. v. Commissioner: November 1986

Addis v. Commissioner: May 2011, April 2005, September 2004, September 2002

Aetna Health, Inc. v. Davila: August 2004, May 2004

AHS Hospital Corp., d/b/a Morristown Memorial Hospital v. Town of Morristown: October 2015

Aid to Artisans, Inc. v. Commissioner: February 1991, March 1987

Airlie Foundation v. Internal Revenue Service: March 2009, November 2003

Airlie Foundation, Inc. v. United States, July 1993, October 1992

Akers v. Commissioner, April 1987, December 1986, October 1986

Alabama Central Credit Union v. United States: June 2007, June 1987, January 1987

Alamo Foundation, Tony and Susan v. Secretary of Labor: July 1985, June 1985

Alford v. United States: September 1997

Alive Fellowship of Harmonious Living v. Commissioner: May 1984

Allen v. Commissioner: April 1991

Allen v. Wright: October 1991, July 1985, August 1984

Alli v. Commissioner: April 2014

Alliance Defending Freedom v. Internal Revenue Service: June 2016

Alliance Home of Carlisle, Pa. V. Cumberland County, Pa., Board of Assessment Appeals: August 2004

Alpha Medical, Inc. v. Commissioner: July 1999

Alumni Association of the University of Oregon, Inc. v. Commissioner: December 1999, April 1996

Amend16RobertWirengard v. Commissioner: May 2005

Amergen Energy Co., LLC v. United States: November 2010

American Academy of Family Physicians v. United States: October 1996, June 1995

American Association of Christian Schools Voluntary Employees Beneficiary Association Welfare Plan Trust v. United States: June 2005, October 1988, September 1987

American Atheists, Inc. v. Shulman: July 2014, February 2014

American Bar Association v. United States: March 1984

American Bar Endowment, United States v.: October 2010, January 2010, September 1990, November 1986, August 1986, January 1896, July 1985, April 1984

American Campaign Academy v. Commissioner: December 2011, June 2008, February 2005, July 1989

American Civil Liberties Union Foundation v. Crawford: June 2002

American Civil Liberties Union Foundation of Louisiana v. Bridges: August 2003

American College of Physicians, United States v.: December 1986, November 1986, June 1986, August 1985, October 1984

American Guidance Foundation, Inc. v. United States: October 2009, October 2005

American Hospital Association v. United States: October 1989, May 1987

American Institute for Economic Research v. United States: January 1991

American Legion Department of New York, The v. United States: August 1993

American Library Association v. Thornburgh: January 1990

American Medical Association v. United States: January 1990, December 1989, October 1988, September 1988, November 1987, October 1987

American Postal Workers Union v. United States, December 1991, April 1991, February 1990

American Science Foundation v. Commissioner: February 1987

American Society of Association Executives v. Bentsen: June 1994, March 1994

American Society of Association Executives v. United States: January 2000, January 1999

American Society of Travel Agents v. Blumenthal: March 1986

American Target Advertising, Inc. v. Guani: March 2000, November 1998

Americans for Prosperity Foundation v. Harris: August 2016, July 2016, March 2016

Anclote Psychiatric Center, Inc. v. Commissioner: September 1998, June 1992

Anesthesia Service Medical Group, Inc. Employee Protection Trust, San Diego Trust & Savings Bank, Trustee v. Commissioner: March 1988

Angell v. Commissioner: February 1987

Anonymous v. Commissioner: January 2016, July 2010

Anselmo v. Commissioner: July 1985, June 1985, April 1984

Anthenagoras I Christian Nation of the World, Inc. v. Commissioner: August 1988

Arbini v. Commissioner: September 2001

Arizona Christian School Tuition Organization v. Winn: June 2011, January 2011, July 2010

Arizona Free Enterprise Club's Freedom Club PAC v. Bennett: September 2011, January 2011

Arkansas State Police Association, Inc. v. Commissioner: May 2002, April 2001

Arkansas Writers' Project, Inc. v. Ragland: July 1990

Asmark Institute, Inc. v. Commissioner: September 2012, March 2011

Association of American Physicians & Surgeons v. Commissioner: May 2014

Association of the Bar of the City of New York, The v. Commissioner: September 1989, August 1989, November 1988, November 1987

At Cost Services, Inc. v. Commissioner: January 2001

Atlanta Athletic Club v. Commissioner: March 1993, April 1991

Atkinson v. Commissioner: February 2016

Atkinson, Estate of v. Commissioner: December 2002, October 2000

Auburn Police Union v. Tierney: July 1991

Auer v. Robbins: October 2015

Auerbach v. Jersey Wahoos Swim Club: July 2004

Austin v. Michigan Chamber of Commerce: March 2010, November 2009, August 2009

Averyt v. Commissioner: ay 2016, December 2012, September 2012

-- B --

Babilonia v. Commissioner: August 2011

Baldwin v. Sebelius: October 2011, January 2011, November 2010

Balso Foundation v. United States: May 1985

Baptist Hospitals, Inc. v. United States: August 1988, July 1987

Barnes v. Commissioner: July 2016

Bartels Trust for the Benefit of Cornell University, Henry E. & Nancy Horton v. United States: November 2010, September 2009

Bartels Trust for the Benefit of the University of New Haven, Henry E. & Nancy Horton v. United States: September 2009, July 2000

Basic Bible Church of America v. Commissioner: March 1986

Bauers v. Cornett: January 1990

Beiner, Inc. v. Commissioner: December 2004

Belk v. Commissioner: March 2015, August 2013, April 2013

Bellco Credit Union v. United States: June 2014, June 2010

Bellotti v. Telco Communications, Inc.: May 1987

Beneficial Foundation, Inc. v. United States: December 1985

Bernardo v. Commissioner: April 2010

Bergquist v. Commissioner: September 2008

Bethel Baptist Church v. United States: June 1988, April 1986, December 1984

Better Business Bureau of Washington, D.C. v. United States: October 2013, January 1991

Biagiotti v. Commissioner: December 1986

Bialo v. Commissioner: August 1988, June 1987

Big Mama Rag, Inc. v. United States: December 1986

Bill Wildt's Motorsport Advancement Crusade v. Commissioner: June 1989

Bingler v. Johnson: January 1987, December 1986

Bischel v. United States: May 2006

Black & Decker Corporation v. United States: April 2004

Blackford, Estate of v. Commissioner: January 1984

Bluetooth SIG, Inc. v. United States: September 2010, April 2008

Bluman v. Federal Election Commission: March 2012

Board of Directors of Rotary International v. Rotary Club of Duarte: August 1988, August 1987

Bob Jones University v. United States: October 2013, October 2010, May 1993, December 1990, October 1988, July 1987, July 1985, November 1984, August 1984, January 1984

Bob Jones University Museum and Gallery, Inc. v. Commissioner: August 1996

Bobo v. Christus Health: August 2005

Boeshore, Estate of v. Commissioner: September 2003, September 2002

Bogardus v. Commissioner: March 2010

Boltar, LLC v. Commissioner: June 2011

Bond v. Commissioner: August 2011, October 2010, March 2010, June 2009, August 1998, October 1993, May 1993

Bonner v. Commissioner: January 1986

Boone Operations Co., LLC v. Commissioner: June 2013

Boy Scouts of America v. Dale: August 2000, November 1999

Boynton v. Commissioner: March 1986

Branch Ministries v. Rossotti: July 2000, June 1999, September 1997, June 1995

Brandt v. Burwell: August 2014

Braunfeld v. Brown: September 2014

Brentwood Academy v. Tennessee Secondary School Athletic Association: April 2001

Brinley v. Commissioner: April 1989, April 1986, August 1984

Broad v. Commissioner: December 1986

Brook, Inc., The v. Commissioner: August 1989, November 1988, November 1987, October 1986, March 1986, November 1985

Brooks v. Commissioner: August 2013

Brown v. Buhman: February 2014

Brown v. Commissioner: May 2016

Bruce Goldberg, Inc. v. Commissioner: January 1990

Bruzewick v. United States: October 2010, June 2009

Bubbling Well Church of Universal Love, Inc. v. Commissioner: June 2016, February 2014

Buckley v. Valeo: October 2012, August 2011, March 2011, December 2009, September 2006, April 2006

Buder v. Commissioner: December 1993

Budlong v. Graham: June 2006

Bullard, Estate of v. Commissioner: April 1988, November 1986, October 1986

Burke v. United States: August 1993

Burton v. William Beaumont Hospital: February 2005

Burwell v. Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc.: September 2014

Butler v. Commissioner: May 2012, October 1985

Butler v. Obama: December 2011

-- C --

Calhoun Academy v. Commissioner: April 1990

Calloway Family Association v. Commissioner: January 1990

Camps Newfound/Owatonna, Inc. v. Town of Harrison: September 1997, July 1997, May 1994

Canisius College v. United States: February 1987

Canton Police Benevolent Association of Canton, Ohio v. United States: January 1988

Caracci v. Commissioner: September 2006, July 2002, February 2000

Carolinas Farm & Power Equipment Dealers Association v. United States: June 1985

Carpenter v. Commissioner: June 2012, March 2012, July 1985

Carroll v. Commissioner: July 2016

Carson v. Commissioner: October 2012

Casey v. Planned Parenthood: August 1992

Catholic Answers, Inc. v. United States: December 2011, December 2009, June 2009

Catholic Health Care System v. Burwell: October 2015

Center for Competitive Politics v. Harris: January 2016

Central Hudson Gas and Electric Corporation v. Public Service Commission of New York: December 2003, June 1987

Centre for International Understanding v. Commissioner: April 1985

Chambers v. Commissioner: August 2011

Chandler v. Commissioner: July 2014

Chevron, U.S.A., Inc. v. Natural Resources Defense Council, Inc.: July 2016, May 2016, March 2011, July 2008

Chicago Metropolitan Ski Council v. Commissioner: May 1995

Chief Steward of Ecumenical Temples, etc. v. Commissioner: May 1985

Child Adult Intervention Services, Inc. v. Commissioner: May 2012

Chiu v. Commissioner: July 1985

Christensen v. Commissioner: March 2010

Christian Coalition International v. United States: November 2002

Christian Coalition of Florida, Inc. v. United States: January 2012, October 2010, June 2009

Christian Legal Society v. Martinez: September 2010, July 2010

Christian Manner International v. Commissioner: February 1991

Christiansen, Estate of v. Commissioner: May 2008

Chronicle Publishing Co. v. Commissioner: January 1992

Church By Mail, Inc. v. Commissioner: June 2001, April 1989, December 1985, September 1985, October 1984

Church of Eternal Life and Liberty, Inc., The v. Commissioner: October 2009, November 1986, June 1986

Church of Ethereal Joy v. Commissioner: September 1984

Church of Gospel Ministry, Inc. v. United States: November 1986

Church of the Lukami Babalu Aye v. Hialeah: July 1993

Church of Modern Enlightenment v. Commissioner: September 1988

Church of the New Testament, The v. United States: April 1986

Church of Scientology of Boston, Inc., United States v.: October 1992, July 1991, September 1990

Church of Scientology of California v. Internal Revenue Service: August 1986, November 1984, October 1984

Church of Scientology International v. Internal Revenue Service: October 1993

Church of Scientology Western United States v. Internal Revenue Service: October 1992, December 1991

Church of Spiritual Technology v. Commissioner: June 1993, December 1989

Church of Spiritual Technology v. United States: August 1992, July 1992, September 1990

Church of World Peace, Inc. v. Commissioner: February 2011, May 1994

Cigna Healthcare of Texas v. Calad: August 2004, May 2004

Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission: October 2012, March 2012, August 2011, January 2011, May 2010, April 2010, March 2010, November 2009, August 2009, June 2009

Citizens United v. Schneiderman: October 2015

City of Arlington v. Federal Communications Commission: May 2016, April 2014

Clarence LaBelle Post No. 217, Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States v. United States: March 1987

Clark v. Martinez: September 2014

Cleveland Athletic Club, Inc., The v. United States: August 1989, November 1988, October 1986, February 1988

Cleveland Chiropractic College v. Commissioner: December 2005

Cleveland Creative Arts Guild v. Commissioner: October 1985

Cline v. Commissioner: October 1988

Clinton v. City of New York: August 1998

Clopton, Estate of v. Commissioner: June 1990, November 1989

CNG Transmission Management VEBA v. United States: February 2013, September 2011, February 2010, January 2009

Cockerline Memorial Fund v. Commissioner: February 1986

Cohan v. Commissioner: March 2012

Colony, Inc. v. Commissioner: June 2012

Colorado Christian University v. Sebelius: August 2014

Colorado State Chiropractic Society v. Commissioner: December 1989

Columbia Park and Recreation Association, Inc. v. Commissioner: March 1988, February 1987

Commissioner v. LoBue: March 2010

Commissioner v. Simmons: August 2011

Common Cause v. Commissioner: August 1999

Commonwealth of Virginia v. Sebelius: February 2011

Community First Credit Union v. United States: June 2014, June 2010, July 2009

Community Humanitarian Association, Inc. v. Town of Ramapo: May 2016

Concord Consumers Housing Cooperative v. Commissioner: September 1987

Conestoga Wood Specialties Corp. v. Sebelius: May 2014

Conklin v. Commissioner: August 1988

Connick v. Myers: May 2011

Consolidated Investors Group v. Commissioner: September 2010, March 2010

Cooley v. Commissioner: January 2011

Copperweld Steel Co.'s Warren Employees' Trust v. Commissioner: February 1991

Corbin v. United States: June 1985

CORE Special Purpose Fund v. Commissioner: May 1985

Cornelius v. NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund, Inc.: September 1985

Council for Education v. Commissioner: February 2014

Covenant Healthcare System, Inc. v. Wauwatosa, Wis.: October 2010

CREATE, Inc. v. Commissioner: April 1984

Credit Union Insurance Corporation v. United States: September 1996, July 1995

Crimi v. Commissiner: April 2013

Crosby v. National Foreign Trade Council: August 2000, January 2000

Crown v. Commissioner: April 1984

Crown Income Charitable Fund, Rebecca K. v. Commissioner: December 1993, May 1992

Cuddeback Memorial Fund, Christie E. Cuddeback and Lucille M. v. Commissioner: February 2003

Cutler v. Department of Health and Human Services: March 2016, September 2014

Cutter et al. v. Wilkinson et al.: September 2005, May 2005, February 2004

-- D --

Dale v. Boy Scouts of America: August 2000, November 1999

Daly, United States v.: June 1985

Davenport v. American Atheists, Inc.: January 2012

Davenport v. Washington Education Association: March 2007

Davis v. Federal Election Commission: September 2011, January 2011, March 2010, December 2009, August 2008

Davis v. Michigan Department of Treasury: June 1989

Davis v. United States: July 1990, May 1990, December 1989, April 1989

Deer Park Country Club v. Commissioner: March 1996

DeJong v. Commissioner: March 2010

Delaware County, PA v. Federal Housing Finance Agency: June 2013

Deluxe Check Printers, Inc. v. United States: May 1990, November 1989, August 1988, July 1988

Democratic Leadership Council, Inc. v. United States: March 2009, August 2008, June 2008

Department of Health and Human Services v. Florida: March 2012, January 2012

Department of Revenue of Montana v. Karth Ranch: February 2011

Detroit Athletic Club v. United States: September 1989

Devine Brothers, Inc. v. Commissioner: March 2003

Dew v. Commissioner: December 1988

Dickman v. Commissioner: June 1984, April 1984

DiDonato v. Commissioner: September 2011

Dieringer v. Commissioner: June 2016

DiMarco, Estate of v. Commissioner: December 2015

Disabled American Veterans v. Commissioner: November 1994, July 1993, August 1991, April 1990

Disabled American Veterans v. United States: August 1991, September 1990, September 1986, August 1986, July 1986

Doe v. Kamehameha Schools/Bernice Pauahi Bishop Estate: February 2007, October 2005

Doherty v. Commissioner: April 1994

Dolese v. Commissioner: April 1987, August 1984

Dordt College v. Burwell: December 2015

Dordt College v. Sebelius: July 2014

Douglas v. Commissioner: January 1990

Driscoll v. Commissioner: April 2012, March 2011

Dube, United States v.: September 1994, September 1987

Dubin v. Commissioner: December 1986

Duncan v. Walker: July 2008

Dunlap v. Commissioner: July 2012

Durden v. Commissioner: July 2012

Dzina v. Commissioner: January 2005, April 2003

-- E --

Eagle Mountain International Church, Inc. v. Tarrant Appraisal District: May 2010

East Texas Baptist University v. Burwell: January 2016

Easter House v. United States: March 2009, January 1989, August 1987

Eastern Kentucky Welfare Rights Organization v. Simon: August 2006

Eaton, Estate of v. Commissioner: September 1985

Ebben v. Commissioner: April 1986

Ecclesiastical Order of the Ism of Am, Inc., The v. Chasin: February 1991, August 1988, April 1987

Ecclesiastical Order of the Ism of Am, Inc., The v. Commissioner: February 1984, December 1983

Edgar, Estate of v. Commissioner: June 1987

885 Investment Co., Inc. v. Commissioner: October 1990

E. J. Harrison & Sons, Inc. v. Commissioner: May 2008, September 2006, September 2005

El Paso Del Aguila Elderly v. Commissioner: December 1992

Elisian Guild, Inc. v. United States: January 1991

Elk Grove Unified School District v. Newdow: August 2004, May 2004, March 2004 (also see Newdow v. U.S. Congress et al.)

Elliotts, Inc. v. Commissioner: July 2016, October 2000

EMILY's List v. Federal Election Commission: December 2009

Employment Division, Department of Human Resources of Oregon v. Smith: September 2014

Engel v. Commissioner: October 1993

Engineers Club of San Francisco v. United States: August 1986

Esgar Corporation v. Commissioner: May 2014, April 2012

est of Hawaii v. Commissioner: November 2006, June 2001

Eternal Word Television Network, Inc. v. Department of Health and Human Services: April 2016

Evans v. Commissioner: January 2011

Exacto Spring Corporation v. Commissioner: January 2000

Executive Network Club, Inc. v. Commissioner: March 1996

Exploratory Research, Inc. v. Commissioner: July 2008

-- F --

Fair v. Commissioner: October 1993

Faith Missionary Baptist Church v. Internal Revenue Service: February 1995

Families Against Government Slavery v. Commissioner: May 2007

Family Home Providers, Inc. v. Internal Revenue Service: December 2008, November 2008

Family Leadership Foundation v. United States: Janaury 2007

Family Trust of Massachusetts, Inc. v. United States: September 2013, November 2012

Farm Credit Services of Central Arkansas, PCA et al. v. State of Arkansas: May 1996

Farmers Cooperative Company v. Commissioner: June 1990, November 1987, September 1987

Federal Communications Commission v. AT&T, Inc.: September 2014

Federal Election Commission v. Beaumont: October 2012, August 2012, August 2011, December 2009, August 2003, May 2003

Federal Election Commission v. Christian Coalition: October 1999

Federal Election Commission v. Massachusetts Citizens for Life, Inc.: February 1987

Federal Election Commission v. Wisconsin Right to Life, Inc.: March 2010, September 2007, March 2006

Federal Land Bank of St. Paul v. Bismarck Lumber Co.: June 2013

Ferguson v. Commissioner: June 1999

Fernandez v. Limmer: May 1991

Ferrell v. Commissioner: July 1987

Fides Publishers Association v. United States: January 1991

Fifth Third Bank v. Firstar Bank: November 2006

Finlator v. Secretary of Revenue of North Carolina: July 1990

First Church of In Theo v. Commissioner: August 1989

First National Bank of Boston v. Bellotti: October 2012, August 2011

First National Bank of Fayetteville, Arkansas v. United States: June 1987, April 1984

Fisher v. University of Texas at Austin: February 2016, October 2014, September 2013, December 2012, April 2012

Flanagan v. United States: May 1993, April 1989, June 1987

Flanigan v. United States: March 1987

Flanigan, Estate of v. Commissioner: December 1984

Flast v. Cohen: June 2011

Flat Top Lake Association, Inc. v. United States: December 1986

Florida v. Department of Health and Human Services: March 2012, January 2012, October 2011, May 2011, April 2011, March 2011, December 2010, July 2010, May 2010

Florida Hospital Trust Fund v. Commissioner: March 1996, September 1994

Florida Independent Colleges and Universities Risk Management Association, Inc. v. United States: May 2012

Florida Trucking Association, Inc. v. Commissioner: December 1986

Fogarty v. United States: July 1989, April 1989, December 1986, November 1986, February 1986, June 1985

Foley v. Commissioner: August 1988

Follett v. McCormick: March 1990

Food and Drug Administration v. Brown & Williamson Tobacco Corp.: April 2014

Ford v. Commissioner: July 2014

Fordice, United States v.: August 1992

Forest Press, Inc. v. Commissioner: January 1991

Foster v. Commissioner: July 1985

Foundation of Human Understanding v. Commissioner: October 2012, August 2012, October 2009, February 1988, July 1987

Foundation of Human Understanding v. United States: May 2011, October 2010, October 2009

Founding Church of Scientology of Washington, D.C. v. United States: March 2005, July 1992

Fowler v. Commissioner: May 1987

Framingham Country Club v. United States: July 1987

Frank Aragona Trust v. Commissioner: June 2014

Fraternal Medical Specialist Services, Inc. v. Commissioner: March 1985

Fraternal Order of Police, Illinois State Troopers Lodge No. 41 v. Commissioner: November 1986

Frates v. Commissioner: April 1987

Frazee v. United States: September 2004

Free Enterprise Fund v. Public Company Accounting Oversight Board: February 2011, September 2010, February 2010

Free Fertility Foundation v. Commissioner: September 2010

Freedom Church of Revelation v. United States: September 1984

Freedom From Religion Foundation, Inc. v. Geithner: July 2010, February 2010, January 2010

Freedom From Religion Foundation v. Koskinen: June 2016

Freedom From Religion Foundation, Inc. v. Lew: June 2016, January 2015, January 2014

Freedom From Religion Foundation, Inc. v. Shulman: October 2013

Freedom From Religion Foundation v. Werfel: October 2013

Freedom Path, Inc. v. Lerner: August 2016

Friedberg v. Commissioner: December 2011

Freytag v. Commissioner: October 2010

Friedman v. Commissioner: May 2010

Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association: June 2016

Friends of Society of Servants of God v. Commissioner: April 1984

Fulani v. League of Women Voters Educational Fund: October 1991, September 1989

Fulani v. Secretary of the Treasury: October 1991, March 1990

Fund for Anonymous Gifts v. Internal Revenue Service: June 1999, July 1997

Fund for the Study of Economic Growth and Tax Reform, The v. Internal Revenue Service: February 1999, May 1998

-- G --

Gaerttner v. Commissioner: April 2012

GameHearts v. Commissioner: January 2016

Gardner v. Commissioner: December 2015, November 2015, September 2001

Gardner v. North Mississippi Health Services, Inc.: August 2005

Garriott v. Winn: July 2010

Garrison v. Commissioner: August 1986

Garrison v. Louisiana: May 2011

Gates Community Chapel in Rochester, Inc. d/b/a Freedom Village USA v. United States: March 1996

Gay Rights Coalition of Georgetown University Law Center and District of Columbia v. Georgetown University: February 1988

Gayer v. Internal Revenue Service: March 2010

Geisinger Health Plan v. Commissioner: September 1994, August 1993, June 1993, March 1993

Gemological Institute of America v. Commissioner: February 1984

Gemperle v. Commissioner: April 2016

Geneva College v' Burwell: January 2016

George v. Commissioner: October 2015

Gershman v. Commissioner: September 1984

Gladney v. Commissioner: January 1986, December 1984

Gladstone Foundation v. Commissioner: June 1992

Glass v. Commissioner: December 2011, March 2007, September 2005

Golden Rule Church Association, The v. Commissioner: January 1991

Goldman v. Commissioner: January 1985

Goldsboro Art League, Inc. v. Commissioner: October 1985, July 1985

Goldstein v. Commissioner: November 1987

Gonzales v. Commissioner: November 1993

Gonzales v. O Centro Espirita Beneficente Uniao Do Vegetal: April 2006

Gonzales v. Raich: February 2011

Good Friendship Temple v. Commissioner: September 1988

Good News Club et al. v. Milford Central School: August 2001

Good Samaritan Hospital v. Shalala: October 2012

Gradin v. Department of Revenue: March 2006

Graev v. Commissioner: September 2013

Graham v. Commissioner: April 2002, January 1989, August 1988, July 1988, September 1987, November 1984

Grant v. Commissioner: December 1986, June 1985

Gratz v. Bollinger: August 2003, June 2003

Great Northern Nekoosa Corporation and Subsidiaries v. United States: October 1997

Greater United Navajo Development Enterprises, Inc. v. Commissioner: February 1991

Green v. Connally: October 2013

Green v. Garriott: May 2009

Green v. United States: January 2016

Green, Estate of Ethel P. v. Commissioner: September 1984

Greenacre Foundation v. United States: August 1985

Greene v. United States: September 1999, November 1997, December 1994, March 1994, April 1993

Greer v. United States: August 1993

Groetzinger, Commissioner v.: August 1989, March 1989, November 1988

Grutter v. Bolinger, December 2012, April 2012, August 2003, June 2003

Grynberg v. Commissioner: October 1984

Guide International Corporation v. United States: July 1990

Gundanna v. Commissioner: May 2011

Gunkle v. Commissioner: January 2013

Gwaltney of Smithfield, Ltd. v. Chesapeake Bay Foundation, Inc.: October 2012

-- H --

H.W. Johnson, Inc. v. Commissioner: July 2016

HCSC Laundry v. United States: March 2009, October 1986, February 1984

Haffner's Service Stations, Inc. v. Commissioner: June 2003

Hager et al. v. Federal National Mortgage Association et al.: October 2012

Hague v. Committee for Industrial Organizations: August 1992

Halbig v. Sebelius: May 2014

Hall v. Commissioner: September 1994

Hall Estate v. Commissioner: February 1990

Hammond v. United States: August 1985, June 1984

Harbison v. United States: May 2001, February 2001

Harding Museum, George F. v. United States: February 1988

Harken v. Commissioner: December 1985

Harris v. Quinn: September 2014

Hartwick College v. United States: May 1985

Harvey Estate v. United States: April 1988

Harwood v. Commissioner: June 2016

Hattem v. Schwarzenegger: September 2006, September 2005

Hearst Corporation, The v. United States: September 1993, August 1993, June 1993

Heffernan v. Patterson: July 2016

Hein v. Freedom From Religion Foundation, Inc.: September 2007

Henslee, Collector of Internal Revenue v. Union Planters National Bank & Trust Co.: August 1993

Heritage Village Church and Missionary Fellowship, Inc., In re: August 1988

Herman v. Commissioner: November 2009

Herman v. United States: January 2000

Hernandez v. Commissioner: January 2011, May 2009, February 2009, January 1992, March 1990, September 1989, July 1989, January 1989, August 1988, July 1988, September 1987

Hewitt v. Commissioner: January 1998

Hibbs v. Winn: August 2004

Higgins v. Commissioner: October 2013

High Adventure Ministries, Inc. v. Commissioner: April 1984

Hilborn v. Commissioner: October 2010, December 1985

Hill v. Commissioner: September 2004

Hobbs Foundation for Religious Training and Education, C.E., United States v.: November 1993

Hodgdan v. Commissioner: May 1992

Hogan v. United States: January 1986

Hollingsworth v. Commissioner: March 1986

Holloway v. Brown: March 1985

Hope School, The v. United States: December 1984

Hopkins v. Hopkins: December 1992

Horne Estate v. Commissioner: September 1988

Hosanna-Tabor Evangelical Lutheran Church and School v. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission: March 2012

Housing Pioneers v. Commissioner: September 1995, April 1995, August 1993, June 1993

Houston Baptist University v. Burwell: October 2015

Hubert, Estate of, Commissioner v.: December 1993, May 1997

Hughes v. Commissioner: July 2009

Hunt, Samuel P., Trust v. United States: April 2004

Hunter v. Commissioner: November 1986

-- I --

Igberaese v. Commissioner: March 2011

IHC Care, Inc. v. Commissioner: June 2003, December 2001

IHC Group, Inc. v. Commissioner: June 2003, December 2001

IHC Health Plans, Inc. v. Commissioner: June 2003, December 2001

ITT Research Institute v. United States: December 1985

Illinois Association of Professional Insurance Agents, Inc. v. Commissioner: November 1986

Illinois v. Telemarleting Associates, Inc.: July 2003

In re: Vision Service Plan Tax Litigation: August 2010

Incorporated Trustees of the Gospel Worker Society, The v. United States: February 1991, January 1986, April 1984

Independent Insurance Agents of Huntsville, Inc. v. Commissioner: October 1993

Independent Order of Odd Fellows Grand Lodge of Iowa v. United States: September 1993

Indiana University Retirement Community, Inc. v. Commissioner: July 1989

Indianapolis Baptist Temple, United States v.: October 2000

Industrial Aid for the Blind v. Commissioner: February 1991

International Postgraduate Medical Foundation v. Commissioner: August 1989

International Society for Khrishna Consciousness, Inc. v. Lee: August 1992, May 1991

Irby v. Commissioner: December 2012

Israel Lodge of B'nai B'rith No. 2113, Julius M. v. Commissioner: December 1995

Ithaca Trust Co. v. United States: August 1993

-- J --

Jackson, Estate of v. United States: March 2006

Jackson Family Foundation, Ann v. Commissioner: June 2004, December 1999, March 1994, January 1992

Jamison v. City of St. Louis: May 1991

Jefferson Pharmacy Pharmaceutical Association, Inc. v. Abbott Laboratories: August 1985

Jeffries, United States v.: February 1989

Jellison v. Florida Hospital Healthcare System, Inc.: August 2005

Jews for Jesus, Inc. v. Board of Airport Commissioners: May 1991

Johnson v. United States: November 1986, December 1985

Johnson Estate v. United States: December 1991, September 1990

Jones v. Commissioner, January 2010, June 2009, January 2008, November 1984

Jones, Estate of, Matter of: April 1990

Judicial Watch, Inc. v. IRS: September 2014

Judicial Watch, Inc. v. Rossotti: March 2003, November 2002

Julia R and Estelle L. Foundation v. Commissioner: July 1989

Junaluska Assembly Housing, Inc. v. Commissioner: February 1991, August 1986

-- K --

Kalgaard v. Commissioner: September 1985

Kamilche Company v. United States: December 1995, March 1993

Kaplan v. Commissioner: April 2006

Kaplin, Estate of v. Commissioner: November 1987, May 1987

Kaufman v. Shulman (or Kaufman v. Commissioner): June 2014, September 2013, September 2012, June 2012, June 2011, July 2010

Keane v. Baker: May 1987

Kenner v. Commissioner: December 2005

Kentucky Bar Foundation, Inc. v. Commissioner: March 1985

Kermit Fischer Foundation v. Commissioner: December 1990

Kessler v. Commissioner: January 1987

Khalef et al. v. Regan: July 1985, May 1985, January 1984

King v. Burwell: July 2016, September 2015

King Shopping Consum, Inc. v. Commissioner: January 1990

Kircher v. United States: July 1989, April 1989

Kiva Dunes Conservation, LLC v. Commissioner: August 2009

Kizzere v. Baptist Health System, Inc.: May 2006

Klamath Strategic Investment Fund, LLC. v. United States: September 2006

Klauer v. Commissioner: July 2010

Klavan v. Commissioner: September 1993

Koftinow v. Commissioner: December 1987

Kokinda, United States v.: August 1992, May 1991, January 1990

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-- L --

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